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Oilseeds Australia produces a range of nutritionally balanced and cost-efficient pelletized Cottonseed Meal based animal nutrition products for Sheep, Cattle and Dairy and Cottonseed Oil.

Australia is the 4th largest exporter of Cotton

Cottonseed is an underutilised by-product of the cotton industry and can be crushed to yield both oil and meal with protein and fibre

Cottonseed meal is a balanced nutritional animal feed (non mono gastric).

Suitable for the Dairy, Cattle and Sheep industry.

Australia consumes 40,000 MT of cottonseed oil (mainly for industrial/retail high temperature cooking, e.g., potato chip makers, fish-and-chip shops)

There is strong demand in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and USA for Cottonseed Meal and Blends


Greg Eckley - Leeton

I have been very impressed in the products ability to produce a quality fat lamb . Given the lambs were receiving limited green feed due to the drought i turned 60kg  plus out in under 6 months.

However the biggest success i believe was with supplementing  lactating ewes and even the twiners gained weight and the lambs just thrived and nibbled on the product from a very young age. What a great start they got.


Garry Hall - Nyngan

We weaned our calves early at between 75-100kg. After a few weeks on powdered milk, we fed the Ruminant Production Pellet from Oilseeds Australia. They went ahead in leaps and bounds with average daily weight gains of between 1.9 & 2.3kg.


Neil M. - Sale

The Oilseeds Australia Cottonseed pellets we were using are the best ever feed we had used. There was an increase in butterfat & protein over the herd average. Milk volume increased as well

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