1. Oilseeds Australia is currently the only manufacturer of cottonseed based ruminant nutritional products in Australia. Oilseeds Australia produces high quality, well balanced, and safe products that are essential for Beef, Dairy and Sheep. The products are well established and have demonstrated significant performance benefits. Cottonseed meal products are in great demand globally, including in particular markets in the US, India and China. There is an opportunity to export Cottonseed Meal products to New Zealand, South Korea and Japan.

2. The Oilseeds Australia Plant is located at Hillston, NSW, Australia within a 200kms radius of the major cotton growing region and close to most ginning mills in the Riverina. High quality natural ingredients, carefully tested under GTA accreditation, are incorporated in the products. Wet chemistry analysis is conducted for the most accurate assessment. 

3. Oilseeds Australia processes cottonseed through extrusion and expelling technology. The Company uses low temperature processes that preserve the nutritional value of the protein meal and leaves oil fraction to 6-7% resulting in a final product that is optimally balanced and safe, containing the right amounts of Protein, Digestible Fibre, and Energy in the meal.

4. The Company products have high feed conversion efficiency and are highly digestible. The products have proved to be effective in weight gain for lambs and beef and for the dairy industry, in increasing the milk production and yields in fat and protein percentages. Oilseeds products are consistent in texture and recipe, thereby aiding high feed conversion and better quality of finished products. 

5. Oilseeds Australia products incorporate the necessary minerals that support the stock from joining through to post-parturition and during periods where the natural occurrence of minerals is low. The minerals that are added as appropriate, include Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulphate, Copper, Manganese Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, and Cobalt, Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium. This well-balanced recipe maintains the nutritional balance for optimal animal health and functionality. Qualified nutritionists verify the formulations before launch.

6. The Company sales team has product knowledge, experience and expertise in the livestock industry. Most of the members have  long-standing farming family backgrounds and thus a pragmatic and realistic understanding of the farmer requirements. They are trained to provide nutritional advice, in depth details of the products and guide in planning and optimizing customer needs and desired outcomes. The Company supplements this expertise with the services of specialist nutritionists and experts in developing formulations and feeding protocols in the sheep, beef, and dairy industry.

7. The Company facilitates delivery through a network of transport operators within Hillston and surrounding areas and reduces the stocking needs at customer lots. Products are palletized for bulk truckloads, and available also in 800kg Bulk Bags. Bespoke packing requirements can also be supported upon request.

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