Oilseeds Australia – Beef production pellets are designed specifically to maximise muscling and produce even fat cover. With high protein products to blended formulations OSA's range of pellets will ensure you can get the best return for your investment.


OSA pellets have a proven record of delivering highly efficient feed conversions. While maximising weight gain. Our pellets can be fed to animals from as young as 12 weeks of age through to feeder or finished steers.

OSA pellets have been designed to improve the fertility in females by increasing the production of the luteinizing hormone in prepubertal heifers. Ensuring you can maximise the return from your breeding stock.


OSA pellets will ensure your breeding cows have high milk fat and protein to feed newborn & growing calves. With plenty of Methionine & Choline to reduce Non Esterized Fatty Acid's, improve liver health & reduce metabolic & Ketonic, and reproductive disorders.

Currently we are offering two formulations for Beef Cattle:

Premium Production Beef Pellets

Beef Protein Supplements