Calf Pellets

Oilseeds Australia’s Calf Pellets are a quality product for use with calves weaned off milk and at least 12wks of age. These pellets are a nutrient-dense feed that supplies protein, energy & fibre in one ingredient to produce a balanced ration for grower calves. These Calf Pellets contain rumen buffers to enhance growth and performance.


This is NOT a complete feed.


Key Benefits

Highly digestible form of Energy, Fibre, Carbohydrates & Protein

Highly Palatable

Easy to handle

Completely safe & balanced feed for improving performance & increasing body weight

Excellent source of Rumen by-pass protein

Supplying daily requirements of protein & energy for production

Cost effective

No Urea used


Mix of Cottonseed Meal, Barley, Wheat, Canola Meal, Almond Hulls and/or other agricultural by-products to achieve outcomes and parameters noted in the Product Data Sheet.

Does not contain animal meal.


OSA Calf Pellets are designed to promote optimal growth of calves weaned off milk and at least 12 weeks of age and older. Feed at a rate of 2-4% body weight. Can be fed in open troughs daily or in a lick feeder, properly calibrated to the desired daily intake. When first introducing the calves onto the pellets make sure there is plenty of good quality hay/straw available ad-lib and induct the calves on to the pellets starting at 0.5%bodyweight and increase over 14-21 days to target intake rate. Ensure clean drinking water is available.

Product specifications

Certification & Claims

While there are no Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) standards for this product, Oilseeds Australia ensures its underlying products comply with all AOF standards.  However, variations to AOF standards can occur due to location of where the seed/raw materials are sourced and different varieties of seed/raw materials.  The purchaser needs to ensure that the product supplied is suitable for their respective needs.


Storage & Handling

The pellets are easy to handle and can be stored in a silo.

Store in clean and dry conditions at ambient temperature, away from vermin.

For more specific information to your needs, please call:

Richard (0417 677 742) or Dan (0400 771 841)