OSA Dairy pellets using cottonseed meal as a platform and blended with grains are a perfect combination of digestible fibre, metabolised energy & by-pass protein in one formulation.

Trials conducted have found our pellets can increase production of milk fat, protein & volume, while reducing the overall costs of feeding.

Our formulation requires less mixing of ingredients and less infrastructure. Saving you money on capital costs & returning more from production.


Cottonseed has high levels of naturally occurring amino acids - Arginine, Methionine and Choline, which are the key drivers for metabolic function, Volatile Fatty Acid production, & milk production.  OSA produces 100% cottonseeds meal pellets as well as blended pellets with a cereal grain and other raw materials to make a balance and efficient product for the Dairy cattle.


OSA dairy pellets contains effective levels of Calcium, Magnesium as well as Zinc, Cobalt, Iron Manganese, & Selenium.

Cottonseed meal is a very well established animal feed supplementary product in the Dairy industry in US and India where a large proportion of Dairy cows are fed with products similar to ours.

Currently we are offering three formulations for Dairy Cows:

Dairy Production Pellets

Dairy Protein Supplements 

Calf Pellets