Dairy Protein Supplements

OSA Dairy Protein Supplement – is a high protein formulation designed specifically to blend with cereal grains to increase the uptake of Rumen Un-degradable protein (RUP).
Blend at 25-30% to ensure maximum production can be obtained. Being a formulated pellet it can be delivered through the same feed head as the cereal grain. Want to reduce the amount of supplemented protein in early autumn & spring, just reduce the rate of pellets accordingly.

With a range of minerals added, this reduces the effort required by you to ensure your cows are getting the Macro/Micro nutrients they need.


Key Benefits

Increased fertility

Increased production

Less ketonic & metobolic illnesses

High protein

High digestible fibre

High energy

Easy to handle

Starch free


Whole Cottonseed. Magrilime is included in this Pellet. This product does not contain restricted animal material.


This product can be fed to calves 12weeks of age and older or to adult cows.

Follow the feeding protocol below for the class of animal you are ging to feed.

Feed at 100% or blend at 15% or higher. Suitable for delivering through dairy feed systems or in a Total Mix Ration. This product can be augured, stored in siios or in a bunker.

Product specifications

Certification & Claims

While there are no Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) standards for this product, Oilseeds Australia ensures its underlying products comply with all AOF standards.  However, variations to AOF standards can occur due to location of where the seed/raw materials are sourced and different varieties of seed/raw materials.  The purchaser needs to ensure that the product supplied is suitable for their respective needs.


Storage & Handling

The pellets are easy to handle and can be stored in a silo.

Store in clean and dry conditions at ambient temperature, away from vermin.

For more specific information to your needs, please call:

Richard (0417 677 742) or Dan (0400 771 841)