Cottonseed is a high-value commodity as a ruminant stockfeed. Oilseeds Australia produces unique and valuable products for the live stock industry which have proven benefits with product performance. 

Oilseeds pellets contain high levels of protein, energy & fibre and is well balanced and safe product.

Oilseeds Pellets contain high quantities of the arginine amino acid which research proves is beneficial for increasing in milk production in cattle, growth hormone in sheep, plasma flow in the portal and Hepatic vein in steers. It stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone in prepubertal ewes - this impacts fertility later on.

Oilseeds Pellets contain high levels of choline an important ingredient for liver health, and Volatile Fatty Acids production.

Choline spares Methionine for milk production and increase hepatic fat export. This is important for lowering the risk of metabolic disorders.

Cottonseed pellets are high in digestible fibre which have significant benefits in cattle and lamb industry.

Cottonseed is a high-value commodity when used as a ruminant stockfeed. It has been fed traditionally in China, India, & America for centuries.

In Australia, it has predominately been used in the feedlot industry and as a drought feed.

Whole white cottonseed cannot be augered, siloed or fed through lick feeders.

By pelletizing the whole white cottonseed. Oilseeds Australia produces a pellet with equivalent bulk density to Barley.

A product that can be augered, stored in silos and fed through lick feeders.


Oilseeds Australia is producing a range of products which uses cottonseed as a platform base and is blended with wheat, barley, other proteins and agri-residue material. This helps us in meeting different protein and energy requirements at multiple price points. 

Our low-temperature extrusion process ensures proteins remain soluble. It enhances the digestibility of fibre and contains energy from Fat, Starch & Carbohydrates.

Whole White Cottonseed contains on average 15%-16% oil. Too much oil in a ruminant's diet will inhibit fibre digestion leading to suppressed milk production or acidosis from low fibre: grain ratio.


Oilseeds Australia uses mechanical expelling to remove the oil from the seed.


Our cottonseed after expelling contains between 6%-7% oil, therefore helps in adding energy to our blended products.

Key Product Benefits of OSA Pellets

  • Increased Digestibility

  • Better Feed Conversion Ratio

  • Highly Palatable Products

  • Balanced & Safe Feed Ingredient

  • Lower Free Gossypol

  • Better Weight Gain and Growth - improved farm probability

  • Improved Livestock Health and Lower Incidence of Disease

  • Cost efficiencies in Dairy industry