Ruminant Grower Sheep Pellets

Oilseeds Australia’s Ruminant Grower Pellets are a quality product used in the ruminant feed sector. These pellets are specifically formulated product to be fed with pasture. They supply protein,
energy and fibre in one ingredient to produce a balanced ration. This achieves production, performance, health and well being of the animal.

These pellets are very cost efficient.


Key Benefits

Maximises green pasture bio - availability

Highly digestible form of energy, fibre, carbohydrates & protein

Achieve joining weights weeks ahead of whole pasture based diets

Excellent source of rumen by-pass protein

Improved fertility & conception rates

Safe & balanced feed for improving performance & increasing condition score

Cost effective

No Urea used


Mix of Barley, Wheat, Canola Meal, Palm Kernel Meal and/or other agricultural by-products to achieve outcomes and parameters noted in the Product Data Sheet. Magrilime is also added to the pellets. This product does not contain restricted animal material.


The Ruminant Grower Pellets are suitable for all Sheep and Goats. Stock then maximise the use of green pasture where fibre is lacking. The Ruminant Grower Pellets will assist the bacteria & protozoa in digesting grains and other forages. The Ruminant Grower Pellets will drive rumination (Cud Chewing) to maximise the availability of protein & energy for production and weight gain.

Feed through a self-feeder at minimum 30% of the animal’s total daily intake.

Product specifications

Certification & Claims

While there are no Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) standards for this product, Oilseeds Australia ensures its underlying products comply with all AOF standards.  However, variations to AOF standards can occur due to location of where the seed/raw materials are sourced and different varieties of seed/raw materials.  The purchaser needs to ensure that the product supplied is suitable for their respective needs.


Storage & Handling

The pellets are easy to handle and can be stored in a silo.

Store in clean and dry conditions at ambient temperature, away from vermin.

Feeding Protocols

To gain the maximum benefit from our products it is important that the following Feeding Protocols are adopted:

  • Feed must be introduced slowly over a minimum 10-14 days period.

  • Start at 150g/hd and slowly build up over the induction period. If stock are fussy it may take a little longer (up to 14 days) for the stock to consume the full ration. 

  • Ad-lib hay/straw must be available to the stock at all times. This should be minimum 10% of total intake. This improves rumen function and is important.

  • Availability of clean water is very important and if bore water is being used, you are strongly advised to do regular testing to ensure suitability for stock consumption.

  • Pellets and fresh, clean water must be kept some distance apart. This provides the stock an opportunity to exercise the rumen and prevents them from gorging at the feeder for extended period of time.

  • Attention must be given to smaller/weaker livestock with poor vigour. If possible separate into another mob for conditional feeding.

  • The addition of buffers/minerals via a dry lick should be made available ad-lib, in particular Calcium/Lime

  • Any deaths out of the ordinary must be reported to Oilseeds Australia Representatives immediately.

  • Please check with your Nutritionist regarding the suitability of the Pellets and feeding protocols to ensure it is appropriate.

Download the PDS for Ruminant Grower Pellets (RGP06S)

For more specific information to your needs, please call:

Richard (0417 677 742) or Dan (0400 771 841)